60 years of IMPAN
The Banach Center Conference on 50 Years of Optimal Control (included into the celebration of 60-th anniversary of Institute of Mathematics
of the Polish Academy of Science)

Conference scope

The end of 1950-ies should be rightfully viewed as the birth of the optimal control theory. The half centry of the development has brought many remarkable achievements and attracted numerous prominent scholars.

The program of the conference will be devoted to the discussion of the state of the art of the optimal control theory, as well as its historical aspects and the perspectives of the future development.

There are expected invited presentations and panel discussions on the following main topics:

  • ♦ The maximum principle and first order optimality conditions,
  • ♦ Second order conditions and sensitivity analysis,
  • ♦ Geometric optimal control,
  • ♦ Hamilton-Jacobi theory,
  • ♦ Optimal control of distributed parameter systems.
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